Laura e Carlo

Love in a magical setting: Laura and Carlo's wedding at the Stibbert Museum.

Even today, my heart fills with emotion and happiness as I remember Laura and Carlo’s magnificent wedding at the Stibbert Museum in Florence, which took place last February. The city of love provided a magical backdrop for an enchanting day, wrapped in clouds that seemed to guard the dreams and desires of the couple.

The church of San Francesco and Santa Chiara witnessed a love that revealed its full splendor. The anticipation was palpable, as if the whole world was holding its breath, waiting to see Laura and Carlo exchange their vows of eternal love. Laura, in her white dress and radiant gaze, walked gracefully down the aisle, accompanied by sweet music that filled the air. Carlo, touched and excited, waited for her at the altar, his eyes filled with love and promises for the future.

The ceremony was a celebration of emotions. The heartfelt and touching words they exchanged, the sound of prayers, and the harmony of voices joining in songs of joy filled the hearts of everyone present. I couldn’t help but capture every single moment of that sacred celebration, knowing that I was immortalizing such a precious moment forever.

After the ceremony, we went to the Stibbert Limonaia, taking advantage of the beauty of the park surrounding the location for intimate and delicate couple photos, and then… directly to the Stibbert Museum, where the reception took place. The wooden floors and paintings on the walls added a touch of elegance and refinement to the venue. Guests were welcomed by a warm and inviting atmosphere, in a place that emanated art and history.

The reception was a triumph of love and joy. The couple was surrounded by the affection and happiness of many friends, making the moment even more special. Laughter, hugs, and happy conversations filled the air, creating an unparalleled festive atmosphere. First of all, music resounded, accompanying dance steps and contagious laughter of the guests. The dance floor, lit with soft lights, became the place where everyone was carried away by the magic of the moment, dancing until late at night.

Delicious food and refined drinks satisfied everyone’s palates, while love and happiness spread among the guests. The cake cutting was a moment of great joy and sweetness, sealing Laura and Carlo’s union in an even more special way.

Looking at the photos of this wedding at the Stibbert Museum, my heart fills with joy and gratitude. I was fortunate to be the photographer of such a special wedding, which took place in a charming setting, among the museum’s paintings and wooden floors. The couple was surrounded by the affection and joy of many friends, making the reception a beautiful celebration. Each shot tells the story of an authentic and lasting love, of a day when emotions overwhelmed everyone and smiles shone like stars.

2 SCATTO: Emanuele Fumanti
LOCATION: Museo Stibbert
VIDEOMAKER: Matteo Toccaceli
MUSIC: I Ragazzi del Gilet – 339.7994010
Via Serraloggia – 60044 – Fabriano (AN) | P.I. 02865050427