The sunset photoshoot among the poppies that I did for little Brenda was an emotional experience for both me and the protagonist.

fotografa bambini Fabriano - Claudia Santi Photography

I believe that every time of the year offers beautiful scenarios to create dreamy photographs, and in the month of May, the spectacle of blooming poppies never disappoints!

I decided to do the photoshoot for little Brenda, aiming to capture all the beauty of the poppies with their vibrant and intense colors, which evoked a sense of wonder and amazement in us. The warm sunset light created a romantic and dreamy atmosphere, perfect for capturing captivating and alluring photos.

The moment of the photoshoot was a special and unique experience for Brenda. The little girl was thrilled to be the main model and showed spontaneity and contagious joy in every shot.

I used the techniques of patience and playfulness to capture Brenda’s unique expressions and personality in each photo. Her naturalness and spontaneity resulted in shots that express the beauty and purity of childhood, evoking emotions of tenderness and heartfelt warmth.

The poppy field offered a unique and suggestive setting, which I maximized to create photos that inspire admiration and wonder. The photos immortalize the beauty of nature and its harmony with the child, evoking a sense of serenity and inner peace.

In conclusion, the sunset photoshoot among the poppies that I did for Brenda was an emotional experience that captured various emotional triggers. Thanks to nature, the sunset light, and the child’s spontaneity, we created unforgettable photos that evoke positive feelings and will forever remain in the family’s memory. – 339.7994010
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